Custom Features

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;How to use
:1. Enable Take Me Back Home Custom Feature in the Custom Feature Features section//Look and Feel.[[File:Take me back home enable path.png | center]]<br><br>:2. Go to its settings.[[File:Take me back home settings path.png | center]]<br><br>:3. Insert the link where you want your clients to be redirected.:3. Write , write a text for this link.<br>:4. Insert Also insert the link where you want your clients to be redirected (for mobile version).:5. Write a and add text for this link.:64. Check Enable or leave unchecked disabled "Enable auto redirect to your site". If checkedenabled, it will redirect your clients automatically to the page you indicated in the "link to your website" filed in 10 seconds. :75. Write auto redirect text that will be displayed in case the checkbox option "Enable auto redirect to your site" is checkedenabled(please do not change "%s" part for correct timer work). [[File:Take_me_back_home_newTake me back home settings v3.PNGpng|center]]<br><br>