Custom Features

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:3. On the right side you will see the list of processors available. Please find the desired one and add your credentials.
[[File:Prcessors blockPayment processors list1.png | center]]
::3.1 (Optional) Set your payment timeout in the left-side section of this feature, we recommend not less than 20-30 minutes.
:4. In Manage//Services//(select the service to edit)//Service details //Price set the price of your service.
:5. Add invoice information to the corresponding block and your clients will receive invoices about any purchase made within your system.
[[File:Invoice settingssettings1.png| center]]
;How Accept Payments Custom Feature works
;What is "Allow delay payment" option
[[File:Allow delay payment option.png ‎| border | rightcenter]]
When your clients are transferred to the payment page after "Details" tab, they usually have several options: your payment processor (one or several) and "Pay Later". "Pay Later" means that client will pay right on the place when he/she arrives to the appointment. In your Dashboard, when you click on appointment, such booking in the service price field will have remark (Pay Later). If you want to disable "Pay later" option, set the switcher to "Off" position for "Allow delay payment" in the settings of [[Custom_Features#Accept_Payments | Accept payments Custom Feature]].
:1. You can set it in the settings of [[Custom_Features#Accept_Payments | Accept payments Custom Feature]]. Switch on the option "Include tax to the prices"
:2. Follow the link "Edit taxes" below that option.
[[File:Adding taxes newAdd taxes1.png | center]]
:3. Create all tax options you need. You will be able to select which tax to apply to which service or set default tax.
It is possible to set different First payment and Recurring prices if you wish to suggest lower price to regular customers.
[[File:Membership- first and recurring priceprice1.png | center]]
''Please note!'' Recurring membership payments can work with Stripe payment processor only.