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<span class="qa">[[Bookings on Facebook]]</span>
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==How can I to add booking functionality widget to my your Facebook fan page?==<br>:1.You can add [] functionality to Facebook fan page (only to fan page, it can't be connected to your personal page) in Settings//Bookings on Webpage or Facebook//Facebook booking widget//Save settings and connect Apply & add to facebook page// choose the page to attach [ Simplybook] to.<br>[[File:FacebookwidgetsettingsFacebook widget path v3.png | center]]<br><br> =I attached Facebook app but cannot find it=It may be in the tab "More" in the menu of the page under photo:2. You can also press More//Manage tabs and move After you connected [] to another main bar to make Facebook fan page, it more visible for clientsis listed in the left-side menu of the page under the photo of your company.<br>[[File:Facebook_moreSimplybook tab on facebook.PNG png | center]]  =[ Simplybook ] app is listed in "More" tab on my Facebook fan page, can I move it to make it more noticeable?=<br><br>You can press Settings//Edit page Templates and tabs and make [] more visible for clients by dragging and dropping to it higher in the list.
[[File:Facebook reorder.png | center]]
=How :3. You may need to remove Facebook widget from my change the title "[ appointments]" to something else. For this, on your Facebook fan page?=go to Settings (upper bar)//Templates and tabs// appointments//Settings//Edit settings//Custom tab name.
On your Facebook fan page go to Settings (upper bar)//Edit page// appointments//Settings//press "Off" near [https[File://simplybookFacebook rename tab Simplybookpng | center]] app to remove this tab and save settings.
[[File:Remove Rename tab Facebook.png | center]]
 =Can I change the title of the tab on =How to remove Facebook widget from my Facebook fan page from "[ appointments]" to something else?=Yes, on your Facebook fan page go to Settings (upper bar)//Edit page// appointments//Settings//Edit settings//Custom tab name.=
On your Facebook fan page go to Settings (upper bar)//Templates and tabs// appointments//Settings//press "Off" near [[Filehttps:Facebook rename // Simplybook] app to remove this tab 2and save settings.png | center]]
[[File:Rename Remove tabFacebook.png | center]]
 ==Facebook widget is not visible from mobiles==<br>
:Unfortunately, Facebook does not show third-party apps from mobiles. Your clients need to access desktop version to book from Facebook.
<br> ==I cannot change the email when book from Facebook==<br>
:When you use Facebook widget, the [ system] perceives a customer as Facebook user and uses his/her data to fill in the details. Thus, by default it uses email under which Facebook is registered. Unfortunately, it is not in our competency to change this, you can try contacting Facebook support to clarify this issue.
<span class="qa">[[WordPress plugin |WordPress integration]]</span>
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1. __FORCETOC__=With the help of our [ '''Wordpress plugin''']=
'''''Please note!''' Wordpress plugin may not work with some custom themes of WordPress and some specific plugins. If you installed the plugin and all the data is correct but the page does not show up, please try inserting widget (option #2)''
:1. Search for [ Simplybook WordPress plugin] in the list of plugins of WP catalogue and add it to your website (it is called Online Appointment Scheduling Widget and Booking System).
[[File:Wp Install plugin search.png | center]]<br><br>
:2. If you don't have an account with us yet, please register on (you can register [ here]), or visit our website and press big button [ “Get Free Account”]. If you already have account, please log into it.
:2. If you don't have account with us yet, please register on (you can register [ here]), or visit our website and press big button [ “Get Free Account”)]. If you already have account, please log into it.
[[File:Create account new.png | center]]
[[File:Get free account23.png| center]]Go to WordPress plugin settings and insert your company login to the corresponding box there. (the one in url of your admin page, e.g in the link, image is company name)
:3. Enable API Custom Feature in the Custom Features section of admin page in the section "For developers" by pressing green button "enable near it.
[[File:Api enable.png| center]]
After you enabled the Custom Feature, please press "settings",
[[File:Api settings.png| center]]
there you will see 2 keys: Api public key (API Key) and API secret key.
[[File:Apikeys.png | center]]
:4. Insert those keys into the settings of Simplybook plugin in your WordPress account.
:5. Insert your company login (the one in url of your admin page, e.g in the link, image is company name )
[[File:Wp plugin settings.png | center]]
[[File:Wp plugin settings 4.0.png | center]]<br><br>:4. Select the theme, timeline and colors for the client view.<br><br>:65. In your WordPress admin site navigate to "Pages" and create a new page specifically for bookings (you can also add it to the already existing page if you wish, the process is the same). Then, paste '[simplybook]' tag in that page.
[[File:Shortcode in wp admin.png | center]]
<br><br>:76. Example of WordPress plugin (may look different depending on your WP theme and settings). You can also use [[Custom_Features#Custom_CSS | CSS option in the settings of SimplyBook WP plugin custom feature]] to adjust the look of the plugin to the design of your website.
Select location
[[File:Example wp pluginSelect location.png | center]]<br><br>
Select service
[[File:Example wp plugin choose Select service.png| center]]<br><br>
Select date and time
[[File:Example wp plugin select Select date and time and date.png | center]]<br><br>
Fill in the details
[[File:Example wp plugin Fill-in details.png | center]]<br><br>
;Error while setting up the widget.
If you got the error "''Seems the method cannot be found on your server. Possible reasons may include: PHP option 'allow_url_fopen' is not enabled, PHP CURL is not enabled. Please ask your hoster for support regarding absence of required methods.''"
* Please check if your PHP has the necessary methods (allow_url_fopen and PHP CURL) on.
* To check this, you can install [ PHP Settings plugin].
*After you have checked and the necessary methods are Off, please contact your hosting provider and request activating them. *If those methods are On, there may be another reason that prevents [] plugin from displaying on your page, please contact our support and we will try to help you.  
if you receive the message that ''Fatal error occurred when installing the plugin'' most likely you will need to update your PHP version, the preferable version is 5.3 and higher.
=As a '''Widget'''=
:1. Please copy the code from Settings//Bookings on Webpage or Facebook//Booking widget for your own website//Save settings and Get code.
[[File:Widget code path.png | center]]
2. As a '''Widget''': Please copy the code from Settings//Bookings on Webpage or Facebook//Booking widget for your own website//Save settings and Get code. [[File:Bookingwidgetsetting.png | center]]  [[File:Widgetsettings.png| center]]  [[File:Widgetcode.png | center]] Then, insert the iFrame code to the page you want to show the Generate widget on in WordPress admin page//Pages//Add new or edit existing one//paste the code and press "publish/update".  [[File:Wp iframe.png | center]]<br><br>
[[File:Widget code copy.png | center]]
:2. Go to your WordPress admn side and create a new page or navigate to already created one, where you plan to add the widget. Click on "+" icon.
[[File:Creating new page wp.png | center]]
:3. Search for HTML option.
[[File:Add html editor.png | center]]
:4. Paste the previously copied code.
[[File:Paste the code.png | center]]
:5. Publish your changes
''Example'''' (may look different depending on your WP theme and [] theme and settings)''
[[File:Wp iframe examplewidget new.png| center]]<br><br>=How to translate old version of WordPress plugin to your language=<br><br>:1) download plugin zip file from uncompress this file:3) go to "/langs" folder:4) copy simplybook_me-en_US.po file with name "simplybook_me-sl_SL.po":5) download PoEdit (program) (Free):6) open simplybook_me-sl_SL.po with PoEdit:7) save and update zip file with your translation file (''Please note!'' Zip file structure should not be changed):8) go to your WordPress dashboard, Plugins page and click on "Add new" at the top, then choose "Upload Plugin" and upload your zip file there.<br><br>If it does not work you need to apply translations via FTP - if you do not know how to do it please contact your web developer.<br><br>
<span class="qa">[[Joomla integration]]</span>
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:1. Take the iFrame code of your booking page in Settings//Bookings on Webpage or Facebook//Booking widget for your website//Save settings and Get widget code.
[[File:BookingwidgetsettingWidget code path.png | center]]
[[File:Widget settings newGenerate widget code.png | center]]
[[File:New iframe Widget codecopy.png | center]]
:2. Now go to Content>Articles check the box of the entry you want to insert the booking functionality into and click 'edit'. Then insert the widget code to the HTML code <body> of your website on the page where you need to display the booking functionality.
:1. Go to '''Wix App Store'''.
[[File:Wix app storemarket new.jpg png | center]]
:2. Enter “'''HTML'''” in the Search apps field.
[[File:Html pluginNew wix html.jpg png | center]]
:3. Select “'''HTML iFrame/Embed'''” plugin.
[[File:Html iframe.jpg | center]]
[[File:New wixt html add.png | center]]
:4. Switch to “'''HTML code'''” mode.
[[File:Html modeScreenshot from 2017-06-16 15-47-05.jpg png | center]]
:5. Go to your [] admin page. Go to '''Settings → Bookings on Webpage or Facebook → Booking widget for your own website'''.
[[File:BookingwidgetsettingWidget code path.png | center]]
:6. Press “'''Save Settings and get iFrame code'''”. Almost done, just few simple steps left!
[[File:WidgetsettingsCreate iframe widget.png | center]]
:7. Copy the code you received.
[[File:WidgetcodeIframe widget code.png | center]]
:8. Insert the code into Wix iFrame plugin and Press “'''Update'''”. Remark that there is a “width=960” inside the code you paste into the HTML plugin. You may need to adjust the “960” number to some width that suits your website. You could try some numbers in the range from 500 to 960 and see what fits best. You can do these changes directly in the code that you pasted in the HTML plugin.[[File:Insert codeNew wix add code2.jpg png | center]]
Congratulations! Now you have [ the best booking system] on your Wix website!
 [[File:Widget exampleWix new widget.jpg png | center]]
<span class="qa">[[SITE123 integration | SITE123]]</span>
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Use at your SITE123 website to allow your customers to schedule an appointment on your website. <br>Watch [ this short video] and learn how to embed to your SITE123 website: <br>  '''Step by step guide''' <br>:'''Creating the account and customization'''1. If you have not created account with [] you can use [ this link] to create account for your company.<br>2. Then please click on the Settings icon. It is located on the left side menu.[[File:Settings page step.png | center]] <br> <br>3. Under “Bookings on Webpage or Facebook”, click on “Booking widget for your own website”.[[File:Bookingwidgetsetting.png | center]] <br> <br>4. Now you have all the options needed to design the widget. Choose the sizes, types and modes. Choose the layout and colors that match your website. [[File:Widget settings page.png | center]] <br> <br>5. You can see how the schedule widget will look like on your website. Adapt it to your taste.[[File:Widget timeframe.png | center]] <br> <br>6. When you are done with the settings, click on “Save settings and Get iframe code”. It is on the top on the page, on the right.[[File:Save settings widget.png |center]] <br> <br>  :'''Installation'''1. The next window shows a piece of code. Focus on the part that comes right before “”. Copy that part.[[File:Code.png | center]] <br> <br>2. Go to [] and click on “START HERE” to sign upor login to your account if you already have one(you can also skip steps 3-5 in this case).
[[File:Site123.png | center]]
<br> <br>:3. Choose the category of website you want to create.
[[File:Site123 categories.png | center]]
<br> <br>:4. Enter the name of your website.
[[File:Website name.png | center]]
<br> <br>:5. Complete the sign up process by entering your full name, email and password or by using Facebook or Google to log in.
[[File:Sign up.png | center]]
<br> <br>:6. After your account at SITE123 is created open the website editor, go to “Pages” and click on “Add new page”[[File:Add Site123 add new page.png | center]] <br> <br>:7. Open Choose "Text" type and select the App market, scroll down and find SimplyBook.metemplate to your taste.[[File:AppSite123 create new page.png | center]] <br> <br>:8. On the Pages menu, you will see the modulenewly created page. Click on “Edit”.[[File:Edit settingsSite123 edit new page.png | center]] <br> <br>:9. Now paste Then enter the selection into the “Application id” field. Then, hit save and your schedule text that will be immediately added the link to your site, highlight it and click on "Link" icon in the menu[[File:Add settingSite123 add link text.png | center]] <br> <br>It's all done now! You have [ great booking system] on your SITE123 website now!</div>  <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" data-expandtext="Show" data-collapsetext="Hide" style="width:800px;"><span class="qa">[[Video appointments with gruveo | Video appointments with Gruveo]]</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">
You can use very simple and brilliant method for fully anonymous phone or video appointments:10. <br>This can often be necessary because once you have given the Skype id etc then you can be continued Add link to be bothered by the same person without them having booked an appointment.<br>According your booking site to, the appointments are encrypted over SSLcorresponding field. Wherever possible, they also use peer-You can set it to-peer technology where automatically open in the data flows directly between the participants’ devicesnew tab[[File:Site123 add link.png | center]]
 ;How to use:111. Click "Insert" and save your page. Go As the result you will have the page with the link to your admin interface, Settings // Email booking site and SMS settings pageyour customers will be able to easily book from there.<nomobile>[[File:Email and sms settings pathSite123 integration result.png | center]]</nomobile><mobileonly>[[File:M email and sms settings path.png border| center]]</mobileonly>
:2. Find the emails called::– Client's booking confirmation template;:– New booking confirmation template for service provider;:– Reminder template for clients;:– Reminder to providers.:3. Add the following text to each template: <pre>"''Please press the following link at the time and date you booked to start the video appointment:[code]“</pre>:[code] variable will be automatically replaced note!''' Site123 has also plugin integration option developed by the unique booking code. Here is the example:<nomobile>[[File:Test email gruveo.png | center]]</nomobile><mobileonly>[[File:M test email gruveo.png | center]]</mobileonly>:4. Now when time for appointment comesthemselves, but it works with old themes only, both you that are no longer supported by us and client simply press the link to do the video appointment or telephone chatdoes not have any new functionality.