First and Last Names


It may happen that you need to have separate fields for clients' first and last names during registration process.
Now it is possible with our Client Fields feature and new reordering functionality.

Please note! This setup is available with Client login feature enabled.

How to use
1. Enable Client Fields custom feature on the Custom Features page.
Client fields enable path.png

2. Go to its settings by clicking on Manage link.
Or navigate to Manage -> Client fields in the left-side menu.
Client fields settings path.png

3. You will see default registration fields there. Select the first one called Name and rename it to First Name. Save.
Rename to first name.png

4. Click on + at the top to create new client field, add Last Name as a Question title and select Textbox - Single line type.
By default the field is set to be obligatory to fill in by clients but if you need to make it non-mandatory please use the corresponding switcher.
Add last name.png

5. Select its position to be after First Name and save.
Or if you have already saved the field use the arrows to re-order.
Reorder fields.png

6. (optional) Add the desired variables to the notifications templates in Settings -> Email and SMS settings (or Flexible notifications feature if you have customized them per service/provider).
For example, you can make booking related more personal by using only first name in the greeting.
(here we are using default [client] variable as we have simply renamed the default field in step #3)
Client first name variable.png

Or sound more official with only last name use.
(client field is used here, taken from step #4)
Client last name variable.png

Or even use both if you like.
(default variable and client form combined)
First and last variable.png