How to unblock account


It may happen that you had an account with before but it was deleted due to inactivity or you have manually removed it due to some reasons and currently you need reservation system and would like to re-activate it.
Please note! If the account was deleted too long ago and you see 404 error instead of the possibility to unblock it means that it will not be possible to reactivate such system. In this case you can register another account with us using a bit different company login.

The steps to unblock
1. If you remember your company login name open the link like this in your browser
(In case you do not remember your company login please contact our support and we will help you to find it)
If the company can be reactivated you will see the following page. It will suggest sending the unblock email to the default admin user address. The address will also be partially shown there.
Deleted company page.png

2. Please click on Send link button and go to the corresponding email box.
Unblock link is sent.png

3. There will be an email with unblocking button and link. Please click on any of them to reactivate the account.
Unblock account email.png

4. You will see successful reactivation page as the result.
Unblock success.png

Congratulations! You are with us again! :)