My subscription and how to renew


Where to check subscription details

There are several places where you can see your subscription details

1. Dashboard, Your current tariff section
Plan info on dashboard.png

2. Plans&Prices//Subscriptions above Subscriptions table
Subscription details path redesigned.png

3. On Welcome page, on the right side.
Subscription details on welcome upd.png

How to renew subscription

In Plans&Prices // Subscriptions section choose the package you need and press "Buy" under it.

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There are several payment gateways to pay for your subscription depending on the selected currency:

Billing details page redesigned.png

  • Credit Card via SafeCharge or Stripe systems

  • Wire transfer to account:

Beneficiary: ltd
Address: 21 Karaiskaki str., Oasis Center, 3032 Limassol, Cyprus
IBAN EURO: IS800537387113314509189970
IBAN GBP: IS920537382003884509189970
IBAN USD: IS280537381011334509189970
REMARK: Minimum transfer is $50/50Eur/40GBP

Please note! Subscription payments made for your account via SafeCharge, Stripe (or PayPal if you have difficulties with Safecharge system) are set as recurring and will automatically renew based on the selected subscription period.
You can cancel recurring payment at any time in Plans & Prices -> Payments history -> Recurring payment profiles.

When you select to pay with your bank card (via SafeCharge, Stripe systems or PayPal) your payment method gets saved in Plans & Prices -> Payments history -> Payment methods
and you will be able to use these saved methods for the future purchases of subscriptions and/or additional items so that you will not need to remember the credentials each time you need to add something to your system.

Use saved payment method redesigned.png

You can always disable the methods that were previously saved in Plans & Prices -> Subscriptions -> Payment methods.

Saved payment methods path.png
Saved payment methods disable path.png

How to change payment method

It may happen that you need to change either your credit card details or switch between payment options.

Here are few simple steps to take:

1. Go to Plans & Prices -> Payments history section of your admin interface and scroll it to the bottom.
Click on "Cancel recurring" in "Recurring payment profiles" section.
Cancel recurring payment redesigned.png

2. And now you can make new payment for the desired plan by clicking on "Buy" under the corresponding option in the "Subscriptions" tab.
Buy subscription path redesigned.png