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SITE123 integration


Use at your SITE123 website to allow your customers to schedule an appointment on your website.
Watch this short video and learn how to embed to your SITE123 website:

Step by step guide

Creating the account and customization

1. If you have not created account with you can use this link to create account for your company.
2. Then please click on the Settings icon. It is located on the left side menu.

Settings page step.png

3. Under “Bookings on Webpage or Facebook”, click on “Booking widget for your own website”.


4. Now you have all the options needed to design the widget. Choose the types and modes. Choose the layout and colors that match your website.

5. You can see how the schedule widget will look like on your website. Adapt it to your taste.

Widget preview new.png

6. When you are done with the settings, click on “Save settings and Get iframe code”. It is on the top on the page, on the right.

Get code new.png


1. The next window shows a piece of code. Focus on the part that comes right before “”. Copy that part.

Add code123 new.png

2. Go to and click on “START HERE” to sign up.


3. Choose the category of website you want to create.

Site123 categories.png

4. Enter the name of your website.

Website name.png

5. Complete the sign up process by entering your full name, email and password or by using Facebook or Google to log in.

Sign up.png

6. After your account at SITE123 is created open the website editor, go to “Pages” and click on “Add new page”

Add new page.png

7. Open the App market, scroll down and find


8. On the Pages menu, you will see the module. Click on “Edit”.

Edit settings.png

9. Now paste the selection into the “Application id” field. Then, hit save and your schedule will be immediately added to your website.

Add setting.png

It's all done now! You have great booking system on your SITE123 website now!