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Ticket's QR Code


Tickets qr code.png

Create customized QR codes for your tickets consisting of one or more additional fields variables, with or without a delimiter. This QR code can be added to your tickets to facilitate further information reading into external systems after ticket validation.

Please note!:

  • When you enable this custom feature Tickets will be enabled as well.
  • With this feature you will need to edit custom ticket template with is available with premium subscriptions only.

How to use
1. Enable Ticket's QR Code feature on your Custom features page -> Other section.
Ticket qr enable path.png

2. Select QR code correction capability if necessary.
Ticket qr correction adjustment.png

3. Navigate to Edit template page.
Ticket qr edit template path.png

4. Adjust the template to your needs using the Editor and the available variables on the right.
Ticket qr edit template process.png

5. Add QR template url variable to the ticket template in Custom features -> Tickets -> Custom ticket.
(please also make sure that you have custom ticket attached to necessary services in Manage -> Services -> select the necessary service -> Tickets)
Ticket add custom qr.png