Client Rescheduling custom feature

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The Client rescheduling custom feature allows you to include reschedule links in notification messages to your clients and rescheduling button to the booking site. The clients can use these options to find a new time for their booking if within allowed rescheduling period.

Please note!:
  • The clients can only change date and/or time of the appointment;
  • In case you have enabled Any Employee custom feature and it was used during the booking process, the provider will not be changed during the rescheduling from the client side. If the provider change(or random selection) is needed please ask the clients to cancel and re-book.
  • This feature is not compatible with Approve Bookings custom feature;
  • It is not possible to reschedule recurring and group batch appointments;
  • If gift card, coupon or membership were applied during initial booking process it is not possible to reschedule by client;
  • Some calendar layouts change on rescheduling page (flexible provider becomes flexible; modern provider becomes modern; weekly classes becomes slots weekly; daily classes is replaced by modern).

How to use
1. Enable Client Rescheduling on your Custom Features page.
Reschedule booking enable path.png

2. Select the preferred rescheduling restriction period in its settings.
Reschedule booking settings.png

3. (optional) Add [reschedule_link] variable to client notifications in Settings -> Email and SMS Settings(or Flexible Notifications settings if you have custom templates per service/provider).
Reschedule booking add variable.png

4. As the result the clients will be able to use Reschedule button on the booking site My Bookings page or using the link from email notifications.
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Reschedule booking slots selection client side.png