What Custom Features do not work with each other

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:also has limited functionality. For example [[Custom_Features#Accept_Payments | payments]], [[Custom_Features#Client_Login | client login]], [[Custom_Features#Membership | memberships]], etc. are not working there.
:Contact support for more details.
;[[Custom_Features#Accept_Deposits|Accept Deposits]] and [[Custom_Features#Rewards_and_Referrals | Rewards and Referrals]]<br>
:It is not possible to apply all the necessary calculations before checkout due to the specific [[Custom_Features#Rewards_and_Referrals | Rewards and Referrals]] operation.
;[[Custom_Features#Kiosk|Kiosk]] and [[Custom_Features#Take_Me_Back_Home| Take me back Home]]
:do not work with each other as both are related to redirects after booking.
==Specific timelines with some custom features==