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Custom Features


Custom Features are additional functionalities of the system that will help you to improve your business. Please check the list of Custom Features below along with their descriptions and view the instructions how to use.

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Accept Deposits

Accept deposits icon.png

Use deposits to increase the likelihood of clients coming for the service and make sure that in case they do not show up that you can keep the deposit. Remark that some clients may contact their bank directly to get refund of deposits in which case there is little that can be done but such cases should be rare.

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Accept Payments

Accept payments small2.png

Accept Payments Custom Feature allows you to accept payments from your clients online. You can set the price for your service and when your clients make a booking, they will be redirected to the payment page.

You can accept payments via a variety of payment processors. All the online payments are processed by the payment gateway of your choice and if there is a need to issue a refund to a client it can be done if you are using integration or from the admin account of your payment processor.

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Anti-Fraud/Spam Protection Custom Feature

Booking restriction plugin icon.png

This is an Anti-Fraud/Spam Protection feature. It enables administrators to limit the number of bookings that can be made from the same email, phone, and IP address. The feature provides various options, such as setting the maximum number of bookings, defining the time period in which these bookings can be made, and the ability to block or flag suspected fraudulent activities. This feature helps to prevent fraudulent or spammy bookings and protects the system's integrity, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy booking experience for legitimate customers.

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Any Employee Selector

Any employee new icon.png

You can use this Custom Feature to add a service provider called "Any provider" to the booking page, and if the client chooses this provider, all times of available providers will show. Or you can also use this Custom Feature to hide employee step on the booking page. or auto allocate any available provider for selected service randomly to simplify the booking process.

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Api new icon.png

With the help of this custom feature you can design your own solutions varying from simple widgets to multi-functional applications.
Use it to authorize in Simplybook API with API key.

Documentation on API

Appointment at Fixed Time

Appointment at fixed time new icon.png

This Custom Feature allows advanced flexibility to your appointment start times for all services at once or per each service. Custom Feature can be used to define exact hour and/or minutes in an hour where your services are available (e.g. 10.00, 14.30, 16.25). It can be used to set the start hour and then choose fixed or multiple interval in minutes when your services are available (e.g. multiple of 15 min 10.00, 10.15, 10.30, 10.45).

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Approve Bookings

Approve booking new icon.png

Approve Bookings Custom Feature is essential if you need to look at customers details before you can approve their booking. It allows you to check information given by clients before you accept their bookings. When your clients book an appointment, at the end they will see a notice that confirmation email will be sent when their booking is approved.

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Book Soon Notification System

Book soon new icon.png

Make sure your clients come again! This Custom Feature will remind your clients to come back as you can send them a message x-number of days after their appointment. For example, you can compose your own message and send a reminder always 30 days after an appointment.

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Calendar Sync

Calendar sync new icon.png

Calendar Sync Custom Feature is used for 2-way synchronization with Google and Outlook calendars. You can export bookings from SimplyBook to Google or Outlook calendars and also block times occupied by Google/Outlook Calendar event in your SimplyBook dashboard.

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Campaign logo.png

The "Campaign" custom feature is an advanced tool designed for implementing mass marketing strategies and customer engagement across diverse communication channels. It enables companies to create and optimize advertising campaigns, delivering messages in a customer-friendly manner. During campaign creation, users can choose from various message types, such as SMS, emails, and push notifications. You can manually select clients, choose all clients at once, or send campaign messages to clients under specific tags using the Tags feature. This flexibility allows you to tailor communication strategies to the specific needs and preferences of your target audience.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancelation policy new icon.png

You can restrict time when clients can cancel appointments with the help of Cancellation Policy Custom Feature. Simply set the number of hours before appointment when cancellation is possible or prohibit cancellations at all. If client tries to cancel an appointment beyond the limit, he/she will see a warning notice that the booking cannot be cancelled.

Free custom feature!

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Now allows new option for classes and events scheduling whatever kind of business you have. Brand new feature allows you to have all your classes/events in separate section so that you will never mix them up with simple services. Or you can use classes/events interface only. Moreover, this custom feature allows to have almost all settings necessary for class/event scheduling on one page, which makes the setup process easy and fast.

Video tutorial available Youtube-Logo.png

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Clean History

Clean history new icon.png

Use this Custom Feature to clean all old bookings from the system. You can set when the bookings should be deleted and then the Custom Feature will take care of never having older bookings on record than according to your definition. Please use with care as we can not get deleted bookings back for you! It works and deletes selected bookings till you turn this feature off.

Free custom feature!

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Client Fields

Client field icon.png

Get information from clients upon sign up that relates to the client. An example of such information could be, "Name of spouse", or "Date of Birth" since this is fixed information and would generally not change between bookings.

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Client Login

Client login new icon.png

Use this Custom Feature to allow clients to register online, quickly make bookings and see their booking history. You can block and unblock clients from making bookings on your booking page and also turn off or on the ability for clients to register an account. If you close for client registrations, only clients you have registered and granted access can make bookings.

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Client Mobile App

Pwa icon.png

Let your clients download your own personalised client app. With the app on their mobile they can easily book, reschedule, purchase packages,memberships and gift cards as well as access your business directly from their phones. The Client app is available for all paying users who use Client Login, and if you have a premium subscription you can personalise it with your own logo and brand color. Ask your clients to go to your booking website on a mobile device, and from there they will be invited to download the app on their mobile.
It's as simple as that!

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Client Rescheduling

Reschedule booking icon.png

The Client rescheduling custom feature allows you to include reschedule links in notification messages to your clients and rescheduling button to the booking site. The clients can use these options to find a new time for their booking if within allowed rescheduling period.

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Contact Widget

Contact widget new icon.png

Enable this Custom Feature if you need to add Book and Contact widget to your own website or simply add a contact form to the booking website. With this Custom Feature, your clients will be able to book directly from your website and also send you a contact with detailed information.

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Coupons & Gift Cards

Coupons and gift cards icon.png

Create and sell gift cards, and send coupons to your clients with the Coupons & Gift Cards custom feature! You can make % and fixed amount discounts and sell gift certificates. Use this amazing feature to promote your business. Customize your promotions with defined dates, messages and codes.

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Custom CSS

Custom css new icon.png

Make your own booking interface with this CSS Custom Feature. It allows to change the styles of different elements, hide them, change fonts, colors, font-sizes, etc. If you know CSS coding, please use tools of browser to find identifiers of elements and write rules in the settings of Custom Feature, if you have no deep knowledge of CSS, please contact support and they will try to find the best solution for you.

Free custom feature!

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Custom Domain


This option allows to set your own sitelink (URL) for your booking page with connection done through secure layer. If you own your own domain name, you can now simply use the booking site with this name or a sub domain of this name (/v2/ part of the booking site URL cannot be changed).

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Custom Email

Custom email logo.png

Would you like to send your clients and staff attractive email notifications with own customizable branding, links, buttons, and many other options? Enabling this custom feature gives you access to the HTML editor where you can easily drag and drop various content blocks, add images, text, contact details, etc. Please just mind that the booking or purchase related content, as well as adding of the corresponding variables is to be edited either in Settings -> Email and SMS settings if you are using common appointent notification templates, or in the specific custom feature settings in case you have customized notifications.

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Custom Page

Static page.png

This custom feature allows you to add your own custom static pages to your booking website, re-order all booking site pages in the main menu, hide menu items, and add custom links to the main menu.

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Daily Report

Daily report new icon.png

Every day this Custom Feature will send you an updated status of all bookings for the day. You will also receive a list with your active bookings for the upcoming week. In the settings of this Custom Feature you can decide whether you want to include today's new bookings, today's canceled bookings, decide the period for upcoming bookings like 1 day, 3, 7, 14, 21, 30 days and set notification time.

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Display Remaining Spaces

Seats left icon.png

Show how many spaces are left when you accept multiple clients per slot, such as for classes and events. You can also choose to show the total number of spaces as well as the number of spaces left.

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External Booking Validator

External booking validator icon.png

You can validate bookings through the use of an external script. The script can check variables from the booking, and only if conditions fulfilled, the booking is processed. Additionally the validation script can bring back information that can be injected into intake form variables.

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Facebook and Instagram Bookings

Facebook business icon.png

Connect your booking system to your Facebook Business page and Instagram profile.  That way you can book even more clients by having a “Book” button both on your Facebook Business page and your Instagram profile - all seamlessly integrated with your SimplyBook booking system.

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Facebook Client Info

Facebook client info new icon.png

The Facebook Custom Feature will simplify your life and your customer's life. They can log in and make appointments with their Facebook profile. You can thereby also see their Facebook profile photo in the dashboard, allowing you to recognise them when they walk through the door. Please note, that services may be visible on his/her timeline.

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Facebook Pixel

Tracking icon.png

Manage analytics for your booking website with Facebook Pixel

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File Uploader - Google Drive

Cloud storage icon.png

Enable this custom feature to allow your clients to upload signed documents or other information directly to your Google drive account.

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Flexible Notifications

Flexible notifications new icon.png

The Flexible Notifications Custom Feature allows you to customize messages per service, per provider or using a combination of services and providers. It means that certain service can have a message different from the general outgoing reminder message for other services. A certain provider may also want to include different instructions for clients who book a certain service. The Flexible Notifications Custom Feature gives you all the flexibility that you may need in such instances!

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Google Adwords and Analytics

Google analytics new icon.png

Use the Google Analytics Custom Feature to see how many customers visit your site both on an everyday basis and during promotion campaigns. Use the adwords analytics to count how many actually book after clicking an adwords advertisement.

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Google Authenticator

Google authenticator.png

Add security to your account. You can use a 2-step authentication when logging into your account preventing unauthorized access. Upon entering password, you'll be asked to insert 6-digit login code from your Google authenticator or a 3rd party app.
You can use this custom feature with or without HIPAA feature depending on your needs and business requirements.

Free custom feature!

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Google Business

Google business icon.png

Easily increase your business visibility on the Internet via the Google My Business feature. It does not cost anything but increases visibility in search as well as makes your business visible on Google maps.

Free custom feature!

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Reserve with Google

Add a “Book online” button to your Google Business listing. Allow your clients to find you easily on Google and book your services right there via Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant, powered by the booking system.
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Google Reviews

Google reviews icon.png

Do you have numerous company reviews and a great rating on Google and wish to share the results on your booking website? Enable Google reviews custom feature to set it up at one simple step and attract even more customers to your services!

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Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager icon.png

This feature allows to manage tracking and marketing optimization JavaScript tags on your site. You can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags.

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Google Translate

Google translate.png

Need to show your booking website in several languages for your clients' convenience? Now we have Google Translate custom feature that makes is possible. It allows you to add Google Translate’s automatic translation to your booking website and each client will be able to choose the language convenient for them.

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Group Bookings

Group booking new icon.png

Group bookings is useful when you need your customers to be able to book appointment or reservation for many individuals at the same time. This Custom Feature creates a selection menu with the number of participants in the group. With this Custom Feature you can also use payment custom feature at the same time so that the total payment for all participants will be paid in one payment at time of check-out even though only the group leader/organizer is registered. If you are using Products for Sale or Service Add-Ons features, number of items will also be multiplied to the number of participants selected.

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Hipaa new icon.png

The personal information custom feature is designed to help users to protect their client's and patient's data. It does not replace user's own security procedures but enhances data security by using double authentication during login process for all users who access the system (users need to register their mobile phone number to receive authentication code SMS(you need SMS credits for this) or connect Google Authenticator using corresponding custom feature). This custom feature includes a “Timeout” setting which automatically logs user out to reduce the risk of unauthorized users accessing the system.

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HTML Description Field for Events

Html description new icon.png

Allows inserting HTML formatting (background and font color, bold, italic, underline, alignment and other HTML elements) for Service, Service Providers, Locations and Categories description fields.

Free custom feature!

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Import Clients

Import clients icon.png

Use this feature if you need to add the list of clients to your system with just several clicks. Simply upload a CSV file containing your clients data, then select headers for corresponding columns, and you will have an updated list of clients in your client register.

Free custom feature!

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Insights new icon.png

This Custom Feature creates a variety of charts with key performance indicators in your new financial dashboard.
Providers availability, total bookings, payment per provider etc

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Instagram Photo Sharing

Social gallery.png

Enable the Instagram photo sharing feature and show automatically your photos on the booking site to make it more a live and fun for your visitors. Take photos with your Instagram app and show the results on your booking page.

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Intake Forms

Additional field new icon.png

Intake Forms Custom Feature allows you to request more information from your clients during the booking process. You can ask several questions and they can be answered in many types of fields, such as text lines, drop-downs, text boxes etc.

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The Kiosk Custom Feature allows you to accept bookings on your client booking site so in between bookings, data gets cleared. This makes privacy issues less of a concern.
You can set the time when the customer will be redirected to home page of the booking site or to the beginning of the services booking steps in case you use widget after he/she completes the booking or if the page is left inactive.

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Limit Bookings

Limit bookings new icon.png

This Custom Feature allows you to restrict booking quantity which can be booked at the same time. This Custom Feature is useful when your services require additional things like dental chair or room in the studio etc. (Another way to restrict the number of bookings due to the limted resources is to use Related Resources feature instead). When the booking limit is reached the corresponding time interval will looks like breaktime at the booking page (and in the admin interface if you haven't set to skip this restrictions for admin). It is possible to limit booking number at the same time generally, and also you can set certain limit for each service separately.

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Line Bot

Line bot.png

The Line Bot custom feature allows your clients to book your services via Line messenger and it also works in Line mobile app. The booking bot connects with your schedule at and guides your client throughout the booking process.

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Line liff icon.png

The integration of LINE LIFF with presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to elevate their appointment booking process and customer engagement. By offering a seamless and efficient experience directly within the Line messaging app, businesses can attract and retain customers, streamline their operations, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

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Loyalty System

Bonus system icon.png

Let clients earn points for services/classes booking and allow them to redeem for gift cards. You can set different amount of points per each service/class and 3-4 hours after the meeting takes place the bonuses will be automatically added to the client's balance. As soon as the client gathers the necessary amount of points he/she will be able to exchange them for a gift card, which can be later used for another purchases on your booking website or as a present to someone.

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Make me Look Busy

Look busy icon.png

This feature will make slots look occupied when clients visit your site while still making availabilities so they will be able to find something to book. You can decide how many slots should be available every day.

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Medical Test

Medical test icon.png

The medical test feature allows you to easily check in persons for testing, and send them access to results after their test results are ready. On arrival, their ticket is scanned and they get an arrived status. This ticket can be printed and put on the persons test tube. When the results are ready, the ticket can be scanned for quick processing of results that will be sent to a person via email and/or SMS. The results can be added in a message, or person can be asked to log in to their account on booking website to get the results and a downloadable PDF form with company branding.

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Membership new icon.png

This Custom feature allows you to have services that only members can book provided they have an active paid membership. This can be applied to a selection or all services, only classes or similar. Here you can check more cases when Membership can be useful.

Check video Youtube-Logo.png tutorial how to set it up.

Demo page with Membership-related classes is available here.
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Multiple Bookings

Multiple booking new icon.png

Allows clients to book more than one service before they check-out and pay for all booking with one payment. This Custom Feature adds "Add another service" button to the "Details" step on the booking page. This functionality allows clients to book several services/classes on different time or day of the week.

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Multiple Locations

Unit location new icon.png

Allows creating multiple service locations and relating them with different service providers (staff members). Locations will be shown as the first step on the booking site.

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News new icon.png

Give your website a fresh life by managing news on your main page in our booking system. You can publish news or blog on your booking website to keep your customers up to date with what’s happening in the business.

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Online Video Meetings

Online meeting icon.png

Use this feature to easily create meeting links for your clients and meet them online using video or phone

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Packages icon.png

With the Packages custom feature you can create a package of multiple services, or, if you also sell additional items, combine services with products, add-ons, and classes. Clients can buy packages on your booking page or with’s POS feature. Each package can be defined with some general items limit and any number of services and products, and you can set the validity to any period available. Once clients have purchased a package, they can book a service at any time paying with their package credits. They can always check how many occurrences are left within each package.

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Password Security Settings

Strict password icon.png

The Password security settings Custom Feature allows to define password requirements for system users and clients. This can further harden the system for possible intrusion. Just in few steps you can make your system more secure!

Free custom feature!

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Photo Gallery

Photo gallery new icon.png

With Photo Gallery custom feature you can upload the photos of your services to attract more clients. Simply browse photos and they will appear on your booking page.

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Point of Sale

Pos icon new.png

Point of Sale Custom Feature allows system users to create and track sales of bookings, and to sell memberships, products and gift certificates to existing or new clients. You can check client's history of purchases, approve pending transactions and print invoices. All in the neat mobile friendly interface!

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Products for Sale


When your clients are booking the services they will be offered to add relevant products to their purchase. Someone buying a haircut could for example be offered to buy hair gel at the same time.
Use this to your advantage to sell more!

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Provider's Color Coding

Provider color new icon.png

Some users like to simplify the dashboard view by having providers with certain colors. With this Custom Feature, you can give each of your providers their own color so when you quickly glance over the dashboard, it can be easily seen what bookings belong to each provider.

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Related Resources

Resources icon.png

Connect equipment, rooms or anything else that is limited in quantity to a service. Different resources can be connected to the same service when needed.

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Service Add-ons

Paid attributes.png

You can create add-ons for selected services. These add-ons can be set to influence service duration or not, but the service anyway becomes more expensive.
An example may be a massage, whereas the client could choose to add the luxury oil that costs more during massage.
Use this to your advantage to sell more!

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Service Categories

Service category new icon.png

With the help of this Custom Feature you can create categories and group your services to make it easier and faster for your clients to find the necessary service.

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SMS Gateway


Use the SMS Gateway custom feature to use your own SMS gateway (Twilio, Vonage(Nexmo), BulkSMS, HISMS, Websms, Infobip available only) and use your own phone number as sender number. If you use this feature, you pay the gateway directly saving around 20% to 30% compared to when you buy credits.

IMPORTANT! Setting this up requires some technical knowledge and the team cannot help with account creation at the SMS gateway providers.

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Smtp new icon.png

It allows you to use your own SMTP server so all emails sent from the system on your behalf, come from your own email address.

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SOAP with Encryption

Client soap crypt.png

Need patient information to be more securely stored? SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) with data encryption feature allows to insert time-stamped record with 4 encrypted text fields that stay with client data. Sensitive medical data of your clients will be secured with RSA 4096.

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Ssl new icon.png

Make all client's connections with the server through a secure layer.
It is important to have it enabled for some payment processors and widgets.

Free custom feature!

How to use
Just enable it on your Custom features page and you are done!
Ssl enable path new cf.png


Saml icon.png

This custom feature allows to setup Single Sign-On process for you as the system admin and your account users thus enabling login to system from MS Azure applications panel. You can create users in MS Azure within the desired access level groups and the corresponding user types will be added in your system on the first login.

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Status new icon.png

If you have a company with many providers, and a service desk accepting clients you can add status possibility to events to see the status. This is for example used to mark appointment with one status as "client has arrived", and then another as "Client has left and paid" whatever suits your needs.

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Tags icon.png

This custom feature allows you to add one or more tags to any client, enabling swift filtering of clients in reports, or other custom functionalities like coupons, gift cards, tickets, and memberships. With an intuitive interface, you can easily customize tags to align with your specific requirements, ensuring improved organization and structured client interactions.

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Take Me Back Home

Take me back home new icon.png

The Take Me Back Home Custom Feature, allows you to bring clients back to your home page or selected URL after a booking has been performed on the booking page. Clients can press a link or they will be brought back to your homepage after 10 seconds by a redirect script.

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Telegram Notifications

Telegram notifications icon.png

This custom feature allows you to create your own notifications bot in a few simple steps. As the result each customer will have an option to subscribe to your bot notifications and get messages about the appointments, invoice details, tickets and much more.

Free custom feature!

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions new icon.png

If you want your business to be bulletproof then this Custom Feature is a MUST. Use it to create and manage terms & conditions for your company towards your clients. The text inserted in the Custom Feature will be displayed on the "Details" page above the "Book Now" button or on sign up step if you are using Client login feature as a checkbox with text "I agree with -your company name- Terms & Conditions" and the clients will need to agree to it to be able to book your services

Free custom feature!

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Ticket's QR Code

Tickets qr code.png

Create customized QR codes for your tickets consisting of one or more additional fields variables, with or without a delimiter. This QR code can be added to your tickets to facilitate further information reading into external systems after ticket validation.

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Tickets icon.png

Issue tickets for services, classes and events. The tickets can be printed or shown from mobile screen by clients and then be scanned using the admin app, or manually inserted in the Validate tickets section of If you have HTML/CSS knowledge and Premium plan, you can customize the look of your tickets.

Video tutorial Youtube-Logo.png

Read full tutorial ...>


Tips icon.png

With Tips Custom Feature, your clients can now enjoy the flexibility and convenience of showing their appreciation for your services through tipping. The feature is designed to enhance your clients' booking experience. Your customers can leave tips during the booking process or when "Pay later" is selected.

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Visitor Counter

Visitor counter new icon.png

Use Visitor Counter Custom Feature to get up-to-date information about visits to your booking website or to the page with your booking widget. This Custom Feature will help you to evaluate the visits and bookings and can help you to decide if you should do promotions to get more visitors and potential clients. You will see all this information in the main Dashboard of the system. Shows data for the previous calendar week.

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Waiting List

Waiting list icon.png

Allow your clients to sign up for a spot on your waiting list. This custom feature gives your customers the possibility to register for a waiting list on fully booked days. If someone cancels an appointment, applicants registered on this day will receive an email invitation to book the recently opened slot. Define in the settings how often each notification is sent and when you don’t want to fill the spot, i.e. if there is a short time until the session starts.

Video tutorial available Youtube-Logo.png

Read full tutorial ...>

Zapier Connector

Zapier icon.png

Connect with hundreds of other solutions using this feature. It contains a variety of triggers that can be used to send information to other solutions by simply using one of the available zaps or by creating a new zap. Zapier allows to integrate 2 or more web-applications via their APIs through “triggers” and “actions”. is available in Zapier as Trigger app, it means only information from is sent to Zapier (1-way integration) and via Zapier to any app that has actions.

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